About CivilXL

What does it do?
CivilXL lets you manage your projects effectively and efficiently. No matter the scope or size, this neat little web app will measure, store, quantify, and visualize all of your project's goals.

Simple Functionality
Everything in CivilXL is color coded to guide your projects with ease. Labeled forms, easy-to-use search functions, and production calcualtors make it simple to measure your success.

Projects can be complicated and convoluted - CivilXL fixes that. Projects are broken down into phases that act like milestones. You can attach production, payment, and filing records to your phases - all of which are automatically measured to track your performance.

Who should use it?
Become your own statistician, no matter what project or field you're in.
- Engineers can measure by dimensions or individual pieces to build their projects.
- Students can track their progress on class projects and homework.
- Managers can itemize their project's production by contract values and payments.
CivilXL is particularly useful in construction, finance, economics, and engineering.

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How it Works